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NameHoney St. Dennis
LocationBrooklyn, NY

Honey is a Brooklyn based, classically trained actor. She's trained with some of the best in the biz including Tony Winner Miriam Silverman for voice. Broadway dialect coach and core Julliard faculty Patrick Mulryan for accents. Chris Ciulla of Leonardo Audio and Elise Arsenault for audiobook narration. Ryan Mey for tech.

Honey is an outdoorsy girl from Utah. She climbs mountains whenever she can. In every area of her life. She overcame crippling social anxiety thanks to some amazing shamans and therapists…and about 200 self-help books. These teachers helped her get past being the shy girl in a corner who's hiding behind a book to confidently take the stage. They helped her to enjoy the real world almost as much as she enjoys her escapist fantasy worlds. Though fantasy will always be her first love, Honey enjoys all genres because they have a sense of empowerment at their core.

For the gift of hearing others, and of being heard herself, Honey loves storytelling for its power to unite. She couldn't imaging better work to do.

Sample 1
3rd, mystery, southern
Sample 2
English/Scottish Sci-fi
Sample 3
1st Thriller dramatic