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How Curated Works

Choose Top Voice Talent

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Receive High Quality Audio

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Step 1. Search Curated Talent Roster

Filter through the talent that meets your specific criteria.

Step 2. Start Your Project

Now that you have chosen your favorite voices fill out our simple form and tell us about your project.

Step 3. In Production

Curated is working to put your story in audio.

Step 4. Receive Market Ready Files

Your final files are delivered market-ready and ready for distribution.


Curated partners with Big Happy Family to bring your stories to the world.

Coffee Loving Founders

Khristine Hvam

​With more than 20 years of experience, Khristine is passionate about innovating new ways of creating content to support each storyteller’s vision. Having earned multiple awards and nominations in both TV and audiobook production, as well as performance, she understands storytelling from all sides and uses that experience to create compelling stories that capture the imagination and transport listeners. She is a producer, director, performer, and coach. Khristine lives with her husband and two children in NJ.

Jessica Kaye

Jessica Kaye is a producer/director of multiple Grammy Award-winning audiobooks. She is on the board of the Audio Publishers Association and the Mystery Writers of America. She is an entertainment and publishing attorney and serves on the board of Screamfest Film Festival. Jessica owns Big Happy Family Audio, LLC, an audiobook distributor. She is the author of THE GUIDE TO PUBLISHING AUDIOBOOKS (Writers Digest Books, 2019), created and co-edited MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER (anthology, BloomsburyUSA, 2005) and contributed a story to CULPRITS (Polis Books, 2018) and OCCUPIED EARTH (Polis Books, 2015). CULPRITS is being produced as a series for DISNEY+.

What’s Brewing At Curated?

Curated’s founders love coffee so much, we decided to share it with our friends.