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NameVaishali Sharma

Second Grade. I’m visiting New Delhi with my parents and watching a sound & light show at the Red Fort – a documentary about the Indian struggle for independence. While the show is quite spectacular overall, what leaves an indelible impression on my mind is the deep, resonant, charismatic voice doing the narration. My first experience of voice-over! Years later in college, I volunteer to read to a visually challenged classmate and a few years later still, when I find myself in Los Angeles, I volunteer to record textbooks at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. And before I know it, I’m behind the mic doing what I love doing the most as a career. Besides English, I work in two other languages – Hindi and Marathi. I am also a member of WoVo (World Voices Organization)

My vocals are usually described as mellow, confident, and global. Truth is, they have lent themselves to a wide variety of voice-over genres for well over a decade. Serving clients from all over the world. I work from my home studio and connectivity options like Skype, Zoom and Source Connect for live remote sessions are also available. Coaches I have worked with - Nancy Wolfson, Stefan Rudnicki, Lisa Biggs, and Pat Fraley.

Contact: [email protected]

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YA - Indian teen
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Non Fiction -3rd person
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Historical -3rd person