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NameEmilie Martz
LocationPortland, OR

Emilie is a classically trained actor who’s worked on stage, screen, and podcasts. She’s a native of Portland, OR, but she spent many years acting in Los Angeles as well as training with the Groundlings. She also has a degree in English and a secondary career as a private tutor specializing in literacy intervention for young readers, History, English Lit, and writing.

Emilie enjoys reading many genres and has given voice to young ingenues and heroines, slightly unhinged villains, uptight British ladies, and a few ditzy gals. Because of her formal vocal training, natural ear, and time spent abroad, Emilie is great with accents, especially British RP, Southern Irish, Southern American and French. She has a soft spot for comedy, history, fantasy, mysteries, children’s literature, and particularly loves a story that’s strange and unexpected.

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Woman, American
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Adult Woman, child, Man
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British, Woman, Man