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NameRebecca Avery
LocationLos Angeles

Rebecca is an award winning actor, narrator and voice over artist. She loves stories about regular people navigating life's challenges with perseverance, bravery and humor. She loves stories about magic in the mundane, the underdog triumphing, with humor or a ghost!.

Her voice has been described as grounded, warm, textured with wry wit, humor with heart and easy to listen to. Her inner strength, emotional intelligence and sense of humor have enabled her to create memorable and varied characters such as the empathetic Mrs. Cratchit, the seductive Grushenka, the fierce anarchist Emma Goldman, the darkly humorous Sylvia Plath and the passionate activist Madalyn Murray O'Hare.

You may have seen her on Modern Family, 911 Lone Star, Casual, Criminal Minds, Two And a Half Men, How To Get away with Murder, Danny The Manny (recurring), Guidance (recurring), The West Wing (recurring) or in her over 50 commercials. When not reading, she enjoys hiking, making pottery, sourdough bread, playing air guitar and learning something new. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, youngest son, 2 cats and many dogs because they also own and run a dog walking and boarding business.

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