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NameRobin McAlpine
LocationPortland, OR

I am a classically trained actor, having studied at NYU, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Shakespeare & Co. interestingly, I was also an engineering major at NYU and am very comfortable with complex academic writing.

I grew up in Germany and Belgium, going to British schools with parents who are from Texas. I read pretty flawless German and French, and my British and American regionalisms are strong.

A bit more about me!: I managed a famous nightclub in the early 80’s in NYC and was in the room for the recording and germination of New wave & hip hop. I then went to drama School and worked in theater for many years before moving to LA, where I wrote a one woman show, got a deal and sold a few screenplays!

I had my kids in LA. 2 boys. One is a golf pro, the other an audio engineering & producing major at Berklee School of Music.

I worked for 10 years asDirector of Admissions and Financial aid at a Very high profile private school in LA~

Moved to Portland 12 years ago, where I live and work as an actor!

I think my greatest strength is that I am a very clear communicator. I make strong choices. I’m very precise. I have a calm warm sexy voice and know how to use it!

Genres I get cast in most are complex academic texts, memoirs, and mysteries with strong female protagonists!

I also enjoy narrating well written erotica and perform under a pseudonym.

I am a bibliophile and am a voracious consumer of literary fiction, sociology, psychology & politics.

My mission as a narrator is to entertain listeners through a medium which allows me to personify everything from fantasy to research publication, and create a palpable experience no matter the genre

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