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NameLynn Norris
LocationHoboken, NJ, USA

You know great storytelling when you hear it. There is nothing quite like the extra dimensions a professional voice over actor brings to an audiobook. Whether it be an informative piece of non-fiction or a fantastic work of fiction, listeners want to be knocked out by the delivery. Lynn gets it. She’s an audiobook fan as much as a narrator. And she cannot wait to be transported by a fabulous story and taken to another realm or taught a series of fascinating new facts by a talented chronicler. To whit, Lynn doesn’t really have a favorite genre of narration, though she’s becoming a favorite for Romance, LGBTQ+, and YA authors. She also loves Mystery/Thrillers and finds herself really connecting to quirky, flawed but trying, heroines. Lynn’s lifetime of acting, improv, and singing training lends itself smoothly to a hassle-free audiobook narration from someone who takes the time to be engrossed in the story, absorb the direction, and deliver the desired performance on the first go. And her easy facility with accents and dialects infuses extra life into elaborate worlds of characters. A fair amount of her catalog of audiobooks is from authors who’ve come back for sequels and additional book series.

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Woman, Quirky Grandmother
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SpaceOpera, Russian, Man
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British, Literature