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NameErin Moon
LocationBritish Columbia

Erin Moon (Felicity Munroe for all Romance) is a classically trained life long actor and an award winning narrator of over 350 books. She has been in the industry for over 15 years starting in the audiobook world as a director/editor/proofer for Recorded Books as her actor "survival job" btwn theatre gigs in NYC. She started Narrating in earnest in 2009 and hasn't looked back. Erin is celebrated for her heart, humor, honesty, character work and accent work. She has worked for pretty much everyone from all the major publishers to indi authors as well as being a sought after coach and conference panelist. She just adores being part of bringing authors incredible work into the world in another way and helping others on their journey to do the same. Erin's hope is that through sharing more and more stories we can build greater empathy and compassion in our world. www.erinmoonactor.com @mooneybooks on socials and www.felicitymunroe.com @felicitymunroe on socials.

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Middle Grade BIG nerves
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Thriller the Escape
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Fantasy Irish Scottish