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NameDana Lau

Dana Wing Lau is a multi-hyphenate creator and storyteller. She loves applying her bright voice to YA and MG genres, but can’t wait to narrate more Thriller/Suspense and all things Romance. She loves voicing characters that are complex, resilient, a little messy and who find their inner strength. Dana has two decades worth of creating on stage and screen. As a host and spokesperson, she has an aptitude for bringing facts, medical, and technical jargon to life in a conversational manner. She loves using her voice to bring a compelling point of view to memoir and uses her storytelling ability to hone in on the “why” in non-fiction. As a producer, she focuses her creative work on bringing the stories of marginalized Americans to light. When she is not reading (and listening) to books, Dana is living up to her self-proclaimed “food monster” moniker by baking and feeding people while dancing in her kitchen to 90s and 2000s hip-hop and wrangling her muggle husband.

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YA dark fantasy
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First Person YA
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First Person Suspense