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NameCaroline Fantozzi
LocationLondon, UK

I have loved playing with my voice for as long as I can remember – from putting on puppet shows in the classroom at nine years old, throughout my time at drama school and in my work as a children's storyteller. It has always been my privilege to share stories with anyone and everyone. I have a first class degree in Theatre Arts (Acting) from Manchester Metropolitan University and have worked in the performing arts industry ever since in TV, Radio, Theatre and Voice acting. I train consistently to keep my skills sharp. I have trained with Dian Perry on Narration, Nic Redman on accents, Yvonne Morley on Character Voice and Esther Wane's Audiobook Masterclass. I sight read every day and have a weekly audio book working group. My absolute passion is stories and I have a storytelling business called Drama Llamas, which I have been running for thirteen years. Writing and performing my own stories allows me to indulge my love of performance, stories and silly voices whenever I want

Sample 1
Male/Female dialogue, RP
Sample 2
Woman/Woman US Dramatic
Sample 3
RP/Italian accent Comic