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NameStephanie Cannon
LocationLondon, England

My love of storytelling has led me to dedicate a large part of my voice acting career to narrating audiobooks. With over 130 talking books under my belt, producers, publishers and authors know they can expect the highest level of dedication, professionalism, efficiency and creativity when working with me. Thanks to my extensive acting training, I am able to pull listeners into the story with a smooth and captivating delivery, providing an authentic connection to the characters and their journeys, no matter what the genre. I am equipped with the skills to continually create new and interesting characters with a diverse range of accents. I bring a relatable, fresh and engaging experience to the non fiction titles I narrate. My native accent is Standard American and I also have a Mid Atlantic accent from my many years in London, which is great for sci-fi and fantasy books. I look forward to discussing the exciting things I can bring to your next project!

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Thriller, GenAm, 3rdp
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Children's, Quirky, 1stp
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Drama, Southern, 1stp